About Us


ODA OPTIKA works in the market of Latvia since 1995.  Nowadays we have 3 large shops, furnished with the most  modern equipment for eye-check and making spectacle frames. Our shop assistants, having been trained according to a special educational programme of our business partner German concern Rodenstock, can work today both as stylists and optics consultants. With their help you will be able to express your individuality more vividly, to feel and enjoy beauty of the world, due to high quality of our products.


Why buy from ODA OPTIKA in particular? Because our company is known for its quick response to changes in the world of optics and is among the first to introduce to Latvian market innovational optical products, which previously had been unavailable.

At present there is a large portfolio of individual spectacle lenses Impression, this models being essentially quasi casts from your cornea. There also are sport lenses and Wide assortment of these offers creates new and absolutely unique opportunities for your eyes. Today ODA OPTIKA deals in frames and lenses, the quality of which is backed by 135 years of experience Rodenstock Group and care for your eyes together with friendly team of specialists from ODA