Vision from 40

Зрение после 40

Your distance vision and near

From the age of 40, most people start to suffer from a deterioration in vision for near work - a very natural process.

To be able to understand it, it is important to know how sharp sight works: the crystalline lens of the eye changes shape in dependence on the distance of the object being looked at. This elasticity deteriorates in cases of presbyopia. First signs: when reading, you tend to hold your book or newspaper further and further away - until you cannot go any further.

In this case, reading glasses for a sharp vision area of around 40 cm may be the solution. For other applications, multifocal lenses or progressive lenses may be more comfortable.

Multifocals or progressives?

With multifocal lenses (bifocals or trifocals), a special surface for near vision is ground into the lens; if necessary a further surface is ground for intermediate distances. The advantage: there is no need to keep on changing glasses or having to look over the rim of the frames. However, unlike progressive lenses, there is a visible dividing line between the different vision zones.

Continuous vision from near to far

Rodenstock has developed the progressive lens Impression® for an optimum vision experience. uncompromising aesthetics and a quality of vision which comes very close to the natural visual process.

For when we surface the lenses, we do not only take your prescription into account, but also the very personal data of your face and of the frame you have chosen. A tailored progressive lens for unsurpassed vision comfort and comfort in wear - for every prescription and every distance!