Rodenstock Impression® Ophthalmic Lenses

Линзы Impression от Rodenstock

Optimised across the entire surface for high-resolution vision

Reliable vision requires ophthalmic lenses that are as individual as their wearers. Only Rodenstock Impression is custom made based on your individual parameters such as the interocular distance, the shape of your face, as well as the fit and shape of your frame.

Now, Rodenstock is once again setting new standards with the innovative generation of progressive lenses called Impression FreeSign. Now, your personal vision needs are also fed into the progressive lens for more vision, more distance, more close-up vision, more to the left, and more to the right. More performance. Around the clock.


Impression FreeSign

Impression FreeSign®

For the first time, a progressive lens is matched to your personal vision needs and to your individual parameters.



Impression Mono

Impression® Mono

The first truly individual single-vision lens in the world - guaranteed to have clear vision right to the edge.



Impression Ergo FS

Impression Ergo FS®

The best vision at your place of work, at home, and during recreation Put them on and feel great right away.



Impression Sport

Impression® Sport

High visual comfort in a sporty design - the progressive lens for active spectacles wearers.



Impression Mono Sport

Impression® Mono Sport

Optimum vision even during sport - the first individual sport single-vision lens.



Impression Hyperop/ Myop

Impression® Hyperop/ Myop

Light, thin, and aesthetic - the progressive lens for farsighted spectacles wearers.