More relaxed vision

Maximum comfort in any light situation

Our eyes work hard - day in, day out. They adapt continuously to changing light conditions such as twilight, shadows, dazzling artificial light or sunshine - all without us even noticing.

There are also photochromic lenses which support our eyes in this work and so permit more relaxed, more comfortable vision.

The most important categories in which modern photochromic lenses have to prove their value are speed, protection and colour. The new ColorMatic®lens range by Rodenstock provides impressive and excellent performance in all three areas.

Speed record

The faster the tint reacts, the more pleasant for you.

ColorMatic® lenses darken and fade in a record time and so effectively support the physiology of the eye. This guarantees relaxed vision without worries even for sensitive spectacle wearers.

A large choice of colours

The right colour for you is sure to be there. A warm brown is calming, while simultaneously motivating, and amplifies contrasts in a pleasing way in the darkened state. A cool grey provides absolutely natural colour reproduction and is therefore more neutral and balancing. Green enhances the contrast a little and has a relaxing, soothing effect.

All colour versions fade to become clear to the eyes indoors and provide the best glare protection in the sun.

Perfect protection

100% solar UV protection up to 400 nm is guaranteed at every tint stage.

Incidentally: ColorMatic® lenses are suitable for wear while driving and also for wearing at night.

Now also with a satisfaction guarantee.

Rodenstock ColorMatic® - the benefits at a glance:

Lenses tint and lighten in record time
Outdoors, the lenses are as dark as sunglasses
Perfect UV protection up to 400 nm
Three comfortable colors: brown, gray, green
24-month quality guarantee for function and durability
six-month satisfaction guarantee