Solitaire TopCoat®

Thanks to Solitaire TopCoat®, the top anti-reflection coating with the "multi-effect", cleaning spectacles now requires a rethink: Your lenses remain clean for longer and if they do become dirty, cleaning is simplicity itself. This lens coating leads the premier league with exciting product benefits: ideal roll-off effect with all liquids; minimal dirt adherence; high cleaning resistance and no static charge.

Easy to care for and with a long life

Cleaning spectacles has never been so easy: the unsurpassed smooth surface is the match for any dirt particles; the spectacles can be cleaned easily and fast.

The Solitaire TopCoat® anti-reflection coating is manufactured with a plasma-assisted process. This provides absolute durability and a long service life. Tests demonstrate: The effect is just as good even after 4,000 cleaning processes.

Attractive and free of reflections

Every polished lens surface reflects incident light; irritating reflections occur. These light reflections are almost completely eliminated by the extremely thin layers of the Solitaire TopCoat® anti-reflection coating applied under a high vacuum.

You profit from much higher contrast and clear vision free of reflections, e.g. when watching TV, at an IT workplace or in shopping centres. The anti-reflection coating in particular provides increased driving security when driving at night or on a surface wet from rain.

A pleasing side effect: the eyes can be seen unchanged behind the lenses and so lose none of their appeal.